Best hiking in Tenerife Anaga - Taganana, Afur, Tamadite

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If you are fond of hiking Tenerife is an island that offers a multitude of trails to enjoy.

Hiking trails of all tastes and types. And of all levels and difficulties.
From those along the sea and the coast, to those that run through the desert or completely green mountains , or both.

I remember that at Masca it was possible to see the difference between one side of the mountain and the other, the one facing west-north clearly greener than the one facing southeast, a unique sight to see two different climates in the same place.

And in Tenerife, as in any island or peninsula, there are many microclimates, only being small in size you can see it in half an hour by car. And from full sun you go to rain with clouds or even cold as you go up in altitude and in winter you can see snow on the summit of Teide. I have seen in documentaries that they even went down in sleds when global warming did not exist yet.

And then there are trecking or rather hicking routes, sorry I'm Italian and in Italy we always say trecking for anything even when we just have to go out with the dog, just kidding of course, that include both sea and mountain and are the most spectacular .

Especially when from the mountain in the distance you begin to glimpse the sea. From some parts of the island you can see the other Canary Islands, a unique spectacle.

Seeing the other islands always makes me think about the fact that we are all connected deep down, we are all human beings, and as islands although distant, at the bottom of the sea we touch the same land.

But well, apart from philosophizing and talking about how unique is the Canary Island of Tenerife. I wanted to tell you about one of the last Tenerife hikes I did and as it always happens to me, I said to myself, this is the best! This is one of the best hikes in tenerife!

Anaga Tenerife

This majestic mountain massif in the northwest of the island, close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and La Laguna, is a magical place in Tenerife. Its extraordinary landscapes, with outstanding natural and cultural values, have transcended the island's borders.

More than 7 million years old, Anaga is one of the oldest areas of Tenerife, with a landscape shaped by intense erosive activity: rocks, pitons, waterfalls and basaltic cliffs. Its abrupt orography, with slopes of more than 1,000 meters, has limited human settlements, promoting a sustained development in harmony with nature.

Villages such as Taganana, Afur, Taborno, Almaciga, Roque Negro and Chamorga add a touch of tradition to this area designated as a Rural Park. With an overwhelming biological diversity in its 14,418 hectares, Anaga is home to laurel forests, savin forests and dryland vegetation.

The chromatic spectacle offered in any season of the year makes Anaga a paradise for hiking, where tranquility and hospitality are treasures to be discovered. Natural viewpoints invite you to stop and contemplate enchanted forests, hidden coves, cloud waterfalls and a sea of pure blue, along with unique species in the world. In short, Anaga is a real gift of nature.I love hicking in Tenerife Anaga, because I feel in touch with nature and I combine the physical challenge with the scenic beauty!

tenerife hiking trails map : Anaga: Taganana - Tamadite Beach - Afur
Ttenerife hiking map : Anaga: Taganana - Tamadite Beach - Afur

Taganana - Afur - Tamadite Beach - Taganana

Distance: 14kmDifficulty: Medium
Height difference: 856mType of route: Circular
Route information: Taganana - Afur - Tamadite - Taganana

We arrived at Taganana by bus 946 from Santa Cruz station.

Hike Taganana

And from there we took the road to Afur, first filling our canteens with water. Life always forms around the springs and Taganana is a further confirmation of this.

The trail is well signposted and you can't get lost. As we climb to the top, the view of Taganana begins to take our breath away, as does the climb I must say, but how worth it!

Hike Afur

Here we rested a bit and then started the hike to Afur, a small village in the mountains, which I discovered can also be reached by car and also has a large parking lot, which could save us time next time if we wanted to go only as far as Tamadiste and then back up (which can also be done from Taganana along the coast, exactly our return hiking route).

In Afur there was a small cafeteria with an old man of 88 years, we only asked his age not his name, mannaggià. I had a beer with lemon and we set off again to go down to the beach of Tamadiste.

Hike Anaga Tamadite Beach

On the way we met several people going up, I honestly did not expect it, but it was indeed Sunday and most of them were Tenrinfenni.

The views of this ravine on the way down were incredible! Indescribable in words, you have to come on this hike in Tenerife yourself to understand.

At one point, after washing my face in the clear and transparent water that accompanied us all the way down, I decided to jump into the water as well. Please, don't repeat everything I do!

On the beach we rested for a while. Someone nibbled on something. We all enjoyed the power of the ocean as it tossed tubular waves one after another, high and long waves! Needless to say, swimming was not an option.

Final Hiking to complete in beauty

And we started walking again along the 'hiking trails tenerife' to complete the circle of our 'hiking routes tenerife'.
And once again we were amazed by the amount of beauty this wonderful place has to offer!

As we walked along, we talked about cacti and various plants. Did you know that the family of these plants, 1 is not cactus and 2 has no relatives in the world. They are as unique in the world as this beautiful island. They only have one other plant that resembles them in America because they are grown in the same conditions, but nothing else. Incredible!

If you like nature and hiking, be sure to visit Tenerife, one of the best hiking spots and especially the natural forest of Anaga, famous for its hiking tours!

Do you have questions for the best hiking in Tenerife?

Is it easy to hike in tenerife alone?

Yes, the hiking trails are well signposted and well traveled in Tenerife. If something goes wrong and you can't get through, you will usually find signs or closed trails with alternative routes. Follow the signs and pay attention to the warning signs. If you go alone always warn someone, I would say this is a good practice.

Which town in Tenerife is the best to start hiking in Anaga?

Buses can take you to Bailadero, Afur, Almaciga, Chamorga. And from there you can start your fantastic hike to Anaga. Casa Forestal is also a good place to get off the bus and start walking to Taganana, for example. And Taganana itself that we talked about in this blog is also a good starting point.

Where to hike in tenerife in Anaga?

The truth is that anywhere in Tenerife where you point your finger you find something beautiful. But especially in Anaga the hiking route to Playa Tamadite, the trekking to Casa Forestal, the hiking to the Faro de Anaga, Chamorga with the Bosque Encantado, the beach of Roque Bermejo is a unique spectacle! And don't forget Punta de Hidalgo, small but beautiful!

Do you need a hiking guide in tenerife?

We have several guides available in our hostels, ask at reception or read about the different experiences we offer and contact the guide you are most interested in.

Want more?

And if you come to Taganana in Anaga, do not miss the beaches in the north of Tenerife, especially Benijo beach, which is a spectacle of nature born from the volcano and raised by the ocean.
In the opposite direction to the walk described here, you will find the enchanted forest and Dragillo with the lighthouse of Anaga.
Oh, and one thing I missed in Afur for lack of knowledge are the cave houses.

And take a selfie because we forgot, but now I regret not having immortalized in a photo such a special day with my colleagues.

Tenerife and many other hiking routes and experiences, and not only, that you can see here.

And if hiking is your thing, we recommend a hike up Mount Teide with our official guide!

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