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Nests Hostels

Nest is a chain of Hostels for young and not so young people with an adventurous spirit, which are characterized by transmitting unforgettable experiences to their guests.

It is a business in a very attractive and future sector, designed and intended to be as simple and profitable as possible for its owner while offering the best possible stay to customers, generating loyalty and notoriety.

Tourism has become one of the main sources of wealth worldwide, and the supply of accommodation is becoming increasingly complex and competitive.
The hotel sector will reach 168 billion euros this year.
There are currently more than 700,000 hotel establishments worldwide, and one of the types of accommodation that has recently revolutionized the tourism industry is hostels (formerly known as hostels or youth hostels).
This market is highly fragmented, with a large number of individual hostels, but there are also some international chains.
Shared rooms in Medano Nest Hostel - Tenerife

Our customers

The typical profile of hostel customers is young people, who are not only looking for a place to stay, but also want to live a unique experience in a fast-paced social environment. And that is precisely what hostels, and especially Nest hostels, offer.

Hostels tend to have common areas with constant activity, where parties and meetings are held, which helps guests socialize. The spaces are shared, from the rooms with their bunk beds (although there are also usually some private ones), through the kitchen, and including work areas (coworking) or relaxation areas, everything is done within a common social life.

Another strong point of this type of premises is the price, much more affordable than that of hotels. The cheaper prices, however, do not prevent the availability of excellent facilities in a safe, familiar and comfortable environment.

Moreover, with all this, the tourist gets to integrate into the local community in the most natural way possible.
The high optimization of space in Nest Hostels allows us to have a greater number of beds available compared to a hotel, which generates a high operating profitability.
Activities Duque Nest Hestel in Costa Adeje

Our history

The first Hostel Nest opened its doors in Tenerife in 2017. Its founder, an MBA from IESE with extensive experience in the business world, one day had the vision of combining work with what one likes and makes one happy in life, so he decided, after traveling a lot, to go to live on the island of Tenerife and open a hostel as a project in which he could combine his entrepreneurial spirit and a
business in which to be happy.
His training at one of the best business schools in the world, and his experience as an executive and entrepreneur, led him to seek excellence in his new venture, and to give a twist to traditional hostels to create places where guests can not only spend the night in a comfortable and pleasant way, but also live an unforgettable experience, leaving them wanting more.
As a result, Nest began to generate significant notoriety on the island and significant customer loyalty, which led to the opening of two more shelters in 2018, another in 2019, two more after the 2022 pandemic, and two more are currently in the process of opening.
In 2023, Nest decides to start franchising to share its successful way of managing shelters with other entrepreneurs, and expand the good reputation of the Nest brand to other territories.
Space coworking in the Hostel

a Good Business

The Nests Hostels are a good alternative to start a business because they are:
  • A profitable business. They are businesses capable of generating earnings before interest, taxes and amortization (EBITDA) of over 35% in the case of hostels and even 50% in the larger ones.
  • A current and future business. The tourism sector is currently one of the engines of our economy.... and continues to grow. The hostels are an upward trend in the sector and with much room for development.
  • A simple business to manage. Although it may not seem like it, thanks to the support of the central Nests and its operations system, it is a very simple business to manage.
  • simple business if you follow Nest's guidelines and recommendations.
  • A low investment. Setting up a hostel Nests requires less investment than you might expect, thanks to the brand's experience.
  • Together with their cost-effectiveness, they ensure a quick return on investment.
  • A fun business. If you like dealing with people, organizing activities, the world of travelers,... this is your business.
Map of Nest Hostels in Tenerife

what Nest offers to its franchisees

Nest offers you everything you need to set up and manage your own hostel:
  • Support in finding the ideal location
  • Design project for your lodge
  • Support in the refurbishment of the premises
  • Initial training on how to manage your lodge
  • Management software
  • Marketing (social networks, website, brochure design, promotions, ...)
  • Nest Pass
  • Continuous development of activities for the entire chain
  • Special purchasing conditions with suppliers
  • Ongoing business management support
Tenerife excursion, Teide climb
All Nest locations are characterized by very comfortable spaces, specially designed to make guests' stay as pleasant as possible.
In all Nests you can find both shared and private rooms, relaxation areas, kitchens, work areas, ... 
In this sense, and in order to perfectly meet the growing trend of digital nomads, Nests offers the necessary connectivity to be able to work and be connected anywhere in the hostel.
All Nests are located in attractive locations due to their proximity to popular points of interest (beaches, tourist areas, urban centers, etc.). Their size can vary depending on the number of beds (from 20+ to 100+).
Another of its characteristics are its delicious breakfasts, which distinguish it from other hostels.
And thanks to the input from the head office, what sets Nest Hostels apart is the wide range of activities that guests can enjoy.
Continental breakfast at Hostal Puerto Nest  - Tenerife

The activities in the Nests

One of the main points for which hostels Nest stands outis its wide and continuous range of activities.
Nest has a team specialized in the organization of events and activities for all the chain's hostels , in order to offer its guests an unforgettable experience.
Chain, in order to offer its guests an unforgettable experience, thus turning the stay at each Nest hostel into an attraction in itself, leaving customers wanting to repeat their stay at any Nest, which translates into increased business for all the chain's hostels.
The range of activities is wide and adapted to each area:
  • Excursions (trekkings, visits, ...)
  • Picnics
  • Surf/Kite Surf/SUP lessons
  • Snorkeling and diving
  • Typical local food
  • Dance of skewers
  • Theme parties
  • ... and much more
All Duque Nest Hostel activities during the week - Costa Adeje Tenerife
Sport Activities in El Médano Nest Hostel for January 2023

The Nests Pass

All hostels members of the Nests family will be able to enjoy the benefits of Nests Pass, a promotion created to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.
Nests Pass is an offer to hire a package of nights at a fixed price that can be used in any of the Nests Hostels .
Nest Pass Vouchers are an advantage for customers, and allow to increase the
revenue of the hostels, generating higher repeat business and an increase in the
number of nights per customer.

There are 2 levels of Nest Pass:

Discover the Nest Pass - One Booking - Multiple Hostels in Tenerife

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Our six hostels are distributed throughout the island in the most representative places of the island

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When booking for more than 7 days, the discount will be applied and once you arrive at the reception or by calling with the details of your reservation, you can also request your transfer to another of our hostels.

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Our six hostels are distributed throughout the island in the most representative places of the island

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When booking for more than 7 days, the discount will be applied and once you arrive at the reception or by calling with your booking details, you can also request your transfer to another of our hostels.

And if you book for more than 28 days, the price per day is 19,64€/day (NEST PASS month 550€).

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You can cancel free of charge up to 2 days before the arrival date.

* The Nest Pass is non-refundable because you book several hostels at the same time.