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A beautiful physical challenge, the ascent of Mount Teide.

Ready to climb the third highest volcano in the world? An expedition as special as it is exclusive, only for the most adventurous and demanding, those who want to push their bodies to the limit.

Are you ready to ascend to the mouth of the highest volcano in Spain and the third highest in the world? And not only that, enjoy the best sunset or sunrise you've ever seen, accompanied by a blanket of stars so impressive that you will be speechless.

Hugo, our guide and mountaineer, will accompany you on the most beautiful hike you will ever experience. A progressive route for hiking lovers through an impressive volcanic landscape. An ascent where you can appreciate the chinks in the volcanic magma and the appearance of the young Canarian vegetation.

It is as special as it is exclusive, only for the most adventurous and demanding, those who want to push their body to the limit. The departure will be with Hugo from the hostel Puerto Nest Hostel in our van Nest. We will walk for an hour up to the base of the Teide, located in Montaña Blanca, at 2,348 meters. There we will enjoy the beautiful views of the caldera and the eggs of Teide.

After a fifteen minute break to snack on nuts and fruit, we will walk for an hour and a half to the Altavista refuge. This is the most complex section, as it runs two and a half kilometers between black lava formations, reaching a drop of 544 meters! It is an intense way to start the day, with a 60% slope.

And as they say, 'He who wants something, costs him something', because not everyone is at the height of the majesty of Teide. This gives us that change in the volcanic flora as we ascend.

You are in luck though, because as many say, Hugo makes the experience an unforgettable day. As a good explorer he takes care of everyone with his motivating and fun spirit, even bringing a delicious picnic for everyone!

And now, yes, we have made the first stop to recover energy. It is time to climb for two and a half hours to La Rambleta at 3,555 meters. This is where the cable car arrives for those who prefer to climb comfortably. At this altitude one has to worry about being well wrapped up.

This is the most epic moment, the moment of reaching the summit. The legs are tired, but the group remains firm in reaching its goal. This last stage is achieved in an hour that ascends 163 meters to the 3718 meters of the third highest volcano in the world, the Teide.

It is at the top when the illusions emerge and one appreciates the great challenge that has been overcome. A feat rewarded with wonderful and very special views of the Teide volcano.

And how do we get down?

After such a feat there is nothing left to do but descend, without first making a stop at the Altavista refuge. It is time to retrace our steps during a descent of two and a half hours. One has the feeling of doing it faster, because all tired are eager to return to the warmth and feeling of shelter of Puerto Nest Hostel .

This experience is for you if ...

  Are you a hiking and/or mountaineering lover?
  You are passionate about geology and landscapes.

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All year round


Every week. Ask at the hostel Puerto Nest Hostel


We will meet at this location from where we will leave for the experience.

C. Victor Machado, 12, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz,
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

What is included in the experience

- Pick up at the door of the hostel
- Tour material
- Professional guide during the tour
- Return to the hostel

Your guide


Price: 65€.

Frequently asked questions we have solved

1. Does this experience include medical insurance?
Of course it does! We have an insurance that covers any unforeseen event. Even so, you don't have to worry, because you are with professionals.

2. How should I make the reservation and payment for the experience?
It is as simple as going to any of the receptions of our six hostels.

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