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Have you ever played Spike Ball?

This sport is awesome! The mixture of a volleyball with a net in the middle of the game makes it a crazy game. Many people can play together or face each other in two teams. Are you up for it?

Spikeball or roundnet is a sport that mixes volleyball with a net in the middle which is what makes the game very crazy and interesting.

What is so special about this game?

A circular net supported on five legs is used to play spikeball.

How to play?

A player starts the point by serving to the net so that it bounces back to the opposing team. The opposing team has up to 3 passes between them to return the ball to the net. Play continues until one of the two teams cannot return the ball.

Where do we play it?

The interesting thing about this game is that we can play it on the beach, where it becomes really fun and many people end up signing up for how much attention it attracts. Besides, it can be played on any kind of surface: arena, grass or asphalt, for example. Also, it is quite practical and handy, so it is very comfortable to carry anywhere.

Who wins?

A match is typically played in 2 of 3 sets, each of up to 11, 15 or 21 points. For the set to be considered won, there must be a difference of 2 points.


This experience is for you if ...

  You like sports
  You love to have fun
  You like to try new things
  You are interested in making new acquaintances

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Ask the guide


This sport is mainly practiced in El Médano. Nest Hostel

What is included in the experience

- Pick up at the door of the hostel
- Material of the activity
- Return to the hostel

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1. How can I sign up?
Just ask for Maks at the front desk of any of our hostels. The team will contact Maks and provide him with your name to include you in the list 🙂

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