Tenerife Forestal Park – Teide National Park


Imagine spending a day among ziplines, high ropes and Tarzan swings in the treetops, at 1400 mt above sea level and in the heart of a protected area of National Park of Teide. No matter if you are experienced with adventure parks or if you never tried before: action and fun are guaranteed.

In the pine tree forest of Las Lagunetas, at the edge of the Teide National Park and only 16 km from the town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife Forestal Park is a one of a kind spot on the island. It features 11 ziplines, including the longest one in the Canaries (230 meters), dozens of suspended bridges among the trees, and even giant rope “spider webs” and ladders that allow you to climb up and enjoy the view, as well as the fresh pine scent and peacefulness of the forest.

Giant rope “spider webs” Forestal Park
Giant rope “spider webs” Forestal Park

What characterizes this adventure park is the extreme safety and its organization, so that visitors can enjoy their time and the activities without any worry. Reservation is mandatory and before arrival (here the official page for reservation, here the price list) you will receive all necessary information on how to prepare and what to bring. At the entrance, the staff will equip you with helmet, harness and carabiners, and then clearly explain (in English or Spanish) how to properly use the gear and stay connected at all times to the safety system.

After the briefing, you will start with an initiation circuit, which is meant to let you practice what you just learned about climbing, crossing obstacles and ziplining, until you feel comfortable and confident using the equipment. At that point, you are free to move around the park for the rest of the 3 hours and engage in the activities you prefer.

You can choose among various circuits with different level of complexity and altitude, and each of them has the name of a different Canary Island. These attractions are divided in two groups: the family circuit and the sport circuit. The first one is designed for kids and this is why the park is so popular among local families and schools. The second group is for teens and adults who seek more adrenaline, with crossings reaching a height of 30 meters. If you like the altitude, it’s definitely the place for you…and if you’re afraid of heights it can be the right occasion to address your fear, as the first circuits start very low and you feel safe and supported the entire time. Try it to believe it!

Groups of min. 10 people have the option to choose any date even outside the official opening days (Fri-Sat-Sun), for a more private experience or to celebrate an event.

So what are you waiting for, book at our nearest hostel which is the Aguere Nest Hostel which is located in the la Laguna de San Cristobal, above Santa Cruz de Tenerife and enjoy!

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