Nests Hostels Surf Camp

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1 Surf Lesson

Each surf lesson is 2 hours and includes personalized instruction, full equipment and the opportunity to capture your skills in the water with photos and videos.

3 Surf Lessons

Join the exciting surfing experience, starting directly from the Nests Hostels . Sessions start at 9:00 for morning lessons or 3:00 for sunset sessions.


Nests Hostels -&- Surf Camp

🏄 🌊Submerge yourself in the essence of Tenerife with Nests Surf Camp and School, where every day is an adventure filled with surfing, soulful yoga and endless fun in the sun. ☀️ 🏖️

Ready to surf?

From sunrise Yoga to the thrilling two surf lessons a day to the serene beauty of sunset hikes, we offer a symphony of experiences designed to feed your adrenaline and awaken your spirit.

Where do we stay?

Hostels in Tenerife south:
Experience sun, beaches, fun, new friends and a sense of family.

Our hostels in the south of Tenerife are located at:
- Costa Adeje (Duque Nest Hostel)
- Las Eras Nest Hostel
- El Medano Nest Hostel

Hostels in the north of Tenerife:
In addition, you can explore our other hostels at Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna and Los Gigantes.
Please note: Transfers are not provided from there.

Where do we surf?

Our surf spots in Tenerife are the following:

- Secret locations
- El Medano Beach
- Poris de Abona (Playa Grande)
- Benijo Beach
(the most impressive of all Tenerife)

What is included?

Enjoy complete packages that include:
- Yoga,
- Breakfast,
- Transportation,
- Surf equipment,
- Expert lessons on the beaches of Tenerife,
- And cozy accommodation in our surf hostel.

Opt for a single lesson,

a three lesson package for more immersion,

or the Nest Surf Pass for a week of surf lessons.

More than just surfing!

Enjoy the camaraderie of our evening dinners and social activities, where laughter and stories flow as freely as the waves.

With options for soccer, beach volleyball and more, your stay here transcends surfing; it's about creating memories in the vibrant heart of Tenerife surfing.

🏄 🌊 Join us on an unforgettable journey where every moment is a celebration of life, adventure and the pure joy of surfing tenerife. ☀️ 🏖️

single surf Lesson

Single enterance
  • Transportation
  • Surfing equipment
  • Surf instructors

3 Surf Lessons Pack

Single enterance
  • Transportation
  • Surfing equipment
  • Surf instructors

Our Mission

At Nest Hostels, we believe every traveler deserves a home away from home, and also new friends and family far from friends and family, a place where cultures blend, friendships form, and memories last a lifetime.

- Beyond the waves -

A world of connections and adventures

At Nest Hostels, we are more than just a surf destination in Tenerife. Beyond the waves, our hostels are packed with activities designed to bring solo travelers together, making us the best hostel in Tenerife for activities that foster friendship and fun.

Immerse yourself in a variety of sports and wellness activities, from soccer and beach volleyball to serene yoga and meditation sessions, for all tastes and ages. Experience the thrill of group dances, live clubbing and adrenaline-filled sports such as scuba diving and beach volleyball.
For those seeking tranquility, our guided city tours and hiking excursions offer a perfect getaway. Our Tenerife surf lodge is a hub for exciting adventures and quiet moments, ensuring that every guest finds their place in our community. Nest Hostels stands out as the surf camp where every activity is an opportunity to connect, share stories and build lasting bonds. It's not just a stay; it's an experience that turns every visit into a vibrant and unforgettable homecoming.

Which of our hostels would you like to contact?

Our six hostels are distributed throughout the island in the most representative places of the island

If you want the NEST PASS week
When booking for more than 7 days, the discount will be applied and once you arrive at the reception or by calling with the details of your reservation, you can also request your transfer to another of our hostels.

Choose your favorite hostel

Our six hostels are distributed throughout the island in the most representative places of the island

Si quieres el NEST PASS week (menos de 144€ una semana 20,57€ por día) haz clic en cualquier hostal.
Al reservar por más de 7 días, se aplicará el descuento y una vez que llegue a la recepción o llamando con los detalles de su reserva, también puede solicitar su traslado a otro de nuestros hostales.

Y si reservas para más de 28 días, el precio por día es de 19,64€/día (NEST PASS month 550€).

Los Gigantes/Puerto de Santiago

La Laguna/Santa Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

Adeje Coast

El Medano

Puedes cancelar gratis hasta 2 días antes de la fecha de llegada.

* El Nest Pass no es reembolsable porque reservas varios albergues a la vez