La Gomera is one of the smallest of the Canary Islands.

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It is one of the smallest islands of the Canary Islands, with 21,789 inhabitants. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, located to the west of the archipelago. San Sebastián de La Gomera is the capital. Biosphere Reserve since 2012. Temperatures ranging between 15 and 28 degrees throughout the year make this small island of only 369.76 km² a place you can not fail to explore.

Garajonay. Heart and highest point of La Gomera at 1487m above sea level. National Park since March 25, 1981. Abundance of mosses, ferns and lichens covering the trunks of the trees, indicators of the high environmental humidity and the good quality of the air that is breathed in this space. 120 species of flora endemic to the Canary Islands can be found in the park. It is also a ZEPA ( Bird Protection Zone). Among the endemic can be seen the Turquoise Pigeon and the Rabiche Pigeon.

Other awards that recognize this natural paradise; World Heritage since 1986 and the silbo gomero, a whistled language inherited from the Gomeran aborigines, is also a World Heritage since 2009. Feloché, a renowned French artist musically decorates with a single called Silbo, this particular native language of the island. It is known that Christopher Columbus supplied provisions and food to his crew in this place on his voyage to America.

The cultivation of papaya, avocado, mango and banana are pillars of the economy of this tropical island. The cultivation of potatoes also stands out for the self-sufficiency of the islanders through agriculture. Fresh and cured goat cheese, still made in an artisanal way, is another typical product of the livestock.

From La Gomera you can also have an incredible view of the island of Tenerife, you are in front of the southern part of it. You can admire all the massiveness of the cliff of Los Gigantes, and the beautiful Adeje coast.

Trekking, hiking, fishing and mountain biking are the sports most practiced by tourists attracted to La Gomera. Small rural ranches are the temporary lodging of those who come to find tranquility.

Easy accessibility by ocean or air. This small island of the Canary Islands invites us to enjoy an alternative tourism to the great masses. Resting and relaxing in connection with nature coincide with the intentions of the visitors.

Beautiful destination to return grateful for good scenery, beaches and energy.

As for our hostels and La Gomera, during the excursions to Masca we can admire it from the top of Tenerife, from our Arena Nest Hostel where there are breathtaking sunsets, the view of La Gomera is also amazing! And from Costa Adeje where our Duque Nest Hostel is located we have day trips to La Gomera with guide and lunch!

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