Botanical Garden de Güímar near Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Every day
10:00 – 18:00

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12.50 €
premium 18.00 €

The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar was founded in 1998 by the Norwegian researcher Thor Heyerdahl, who took care of safeguarding a complex of six mysterious pyramids located near the town of Güímar, in the south-eastern area of Tenerife, to ensure their study and conservation. We talked about the Pyramids in another article, and here we will delve into the splendid botanical garden that was created in this park.

At the Botanical Garden, visitors, can discover a wide range of plant collections in an area of over 20,000 square meters. These botanical exhibitions have been created under the banner of scientific conservation objectives and cultural and educational needs.

  • Conservation of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the environment
  • Environmental Education and Training for Sustainability
  • Botanical Research
  • Scientific promotion to the Society on Natural and Cultural Heritage

Poisonous Garden

One of the specialized collections we can find at the Botanical Garden de Güímar is the Poisonous Garden, distinctive for hosting over 70 species of toxic and even lethal plants from all around the world. This peculiar space shows us several plants used over the centuries to create poisons and lethal potions. Few botanical gardens in the world can count on such a thorough collection of poisonous plants.

Sustainable Garden

Another specialized collection is the Sustainable Garden, created in collaboration with the University of La Laguna. It recreates the flora and fauna of a typical Canarian canyon and represents a model of sustainability and conservation of the natural heritage.

We absolutely recommend that you dedicate a few hours to visit this fascinating park comprising the piramides and the botanical garden, and also an auditorium and a museum. The park is open every day from 10.00 to 18.00 and you can decide whether to buy the basic ticket for 12.50 euros or the premium ticket for 18 euros, which also includes the poisonous garden.

Tenerife have also another Botanical Garden in Puerto de La Cruz near La Orotava that is an attraction for who is in our Puerto Nest Hostel and for Guimar pyramids and botanical garden the closest hostels are our Aguere Nest and Medano Nest, also from Duque Nest you have the bus.

Aguere Nest Hostel con desayuno incluido

Aguere Nest Hostel

From La Laguna de San Cristobal, Aguere Nest Hostel, you can take the bus 15, 102, 103 or 108 get to Santa Cruz bus station and with bus 120 arrive in Guimar

In any case Google Maps works very well on the island of tenerife, you can always see how to get there and at what times there are buses

Pictures retrieved from Jardín Botánico Pirámides de Güímar

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