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A week of camp in which, apart from accommodation, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our chef. You will be able to enjoy our diverse activities of coexistence and care for the environment, learn to glide over the waves of the sea with our magnificent surfing lessons, enjoy our gastronomy workshop and improve your language skills with our bilingual monitors.
All this and much more in a friendly environment, surrounded by nature in which we will ensure you get a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our workshops focus on health, resources, environment and socio-cultural aspects. Our sole mission is to contribute and to be able to transmit to children the idea of a just, supportive and sustainable world.

Our aim is to raise awareness and re-educate young people, creating habits that will last into their future and improve their quality of life in many aspects.

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In this workshop we promote freedom of expression through rap and cooking. On the one hand, we create environmental awareness and let the children express themselves to the rhythm of the music. On the other hand, through baking, with chocolate as the protagonist; learning about cocoa, its origin, the difference between artisan and industrial chocolate, and experimenting with the creation of their own chocolate figures and creative desserts.

Activities that we are going to develop within the workshop

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