Tenerife-What does the island offer?

Tenerife is a beautiful island with a lot to offer, starting with the natural parks, the cultural activities, the excursions for the whole family and, of course, the wonderful beaches.

We are talking about the most extensive and populated island of the Canary Islands (and Spain). It is known for its tourism, for its affordable prices and, above all, for the beautiful nature it offers.

Tenerife Island

Tenerife Island

The south of the island is the most tourist and carefree area, with beaches, clubs and nightlife; While in the north, tourism focuses on nature and excursions (without detracting from the northern beaches). The difference is also noticeable in the climate and vegetation-the south is hot, dry and sandy; The north is colder, wetter and lush.
However, the temperature is mild throughout the year (in a range of ± 5 °c, depending on the season) and does not usually move away from 20 º C. These two microclimates are due to the presence of Teide which-with 3,718 meters of altitude-influences the presence of clouds and precipitations. As a curiosity, this volcano is the third in altitude from its base in the ocean bed.

Words are not enough to describe the true beauty of the island. So visit us at one of the Nest Hostel and watch with your own eyes!

Tenerife-What to see?

The things to see in Tenerife are many! As noted above, there is a lot of natural beauty on the island, for example:

  • El Teide National Park
    You must stop by, at least one day, if you travel to Tenerife. The landscapes, the crater and the flora will leave you speechless! It is No coincidence that it was named Unesco World Heritage Site in 2007.
  • Teno Park
    This rural park is, perhaps, the area that best conserves the culture, the landscape and the natural patrimony of Tenerife. Thanks to its isolated position, it allows to spend a quiet day, dive in a green of rare beauty.
  • Villa de Masca
    Munch is a small, isolated and picturesque village, located on the heights of the northwest coast. The atmosphere of tranquility is only interrupted from 11 to 17, when Munch comes back to life!
  • Ancient Drago Park
    The ancient Drago is the living symbol of the island. This tree, of about 800 years, rises to 18 meters on the ground and its trunk has a circumference of 20 meters; The rest of the park is also exciting. You can visit a burial place of Aboriginal islanders and spend the rest of the day in the Green picnic area.
  • Cave of the Wind
    Have you ever been in a volcanic tube? If the answer is “no,” this is your chance to venture into a trip to the center of the Earth on a two-hour guided tour, covering a magnificent volcanic cavity.

An Island to Live!

The activities to be carried out on the island are many and varied, and related to the geography of the place.
You can do everything! For example, guided tours from the south coast to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Golf is also popular; In fact, there are many fields available for professionals (who appreciate a lot) and amateurs who want to experience it for the first time.

Surfing in Tenerife is also very popular. The beaches, both in the north and in the south, are home to many surfers and surf schools, for those who want to get close to this aquatic sport for the first time.

Not to mention that there is a huge gastronomic culture in Tenerife: Impossible not to taste the mojo, the recipes based on the Gofio, the Canarian potato-typical small potatoes of the archipelago, colorful and tasty-and, why not, a bottle of gold, the beer par excellence In Tenerife. If you prefer a family atmosphere, you can visit the typical tavern restaurants called “Guachinches”, located in their own houses (often in the cellars); You can taste the island’s homemade flavors, and the excellent wine of its own production.

But, above all, Tenerife is famous and appreciated for its excursions on foot or by bicycle. And by the landscapes it offers to anyone who can find them.

There is something for all tastes. Come and visit Nest Hostel to experience the island really!