Black Sands: An extraordinary route

The Black Sands (or black sands) are a particular area of the Teide National Park, located south of Garachico and are the ideal destination for a trekking route.

Black Sands

Black Sands

Black Sands are a preparation area, as you often see them in mountain areas, only to get away from the green, but you can live and explore them. In this area, in particular, there are many trekking.
All the routes in this area are not particularly difficult, in fact the area is basically flat, but they are stimulating and very relaxing. But watch out for the heat!
We should never forget that even if you are a step away from the forest, you are entering a desert, you can’t expect much if you don’t sand, rocks and a wonderful view on the Teide volcano!

Trekking in black Sands

There are some “typical” routes that pass through the black Sands area. Many are not officially recognized, but despite this, they run every day by amateur hikers or organized trips.

The most famous route is to follow a ring, about 8 km on the plains, for a travel time of approximately 3 hours. Although not particularly complicated, the view is priceless. From the highest point of the route you can see the entire Teide Park, as well as the Orotava Valley, the island of La Palma and its surroundings.

As for the route, one will only find sparse vegetation. However, this is a desert area. During the 8 km route, you will have an excursion of about 350 m uphill and downhill.

Another route is the one that part of the mountain and arrives to the area of black sands. Although this route is recognized, it extends only for 2.5 km and the estimated travel time and less than an hour.

In this area, in addition to the routes, you can find campsites, snack points and stations where you can rest for a few minutes in peace.