Masca (Tenerife, Canary Islands) and the Masca Valley are a small hidden gem of the island of Tenerife. It is said that-apart from being one of the oldest geographical sites in the world-it is an isolated paradise where you can enjoy the nature and the true essence of the Tenerife.

It is estimated that the valley of Masca was formed about 7 million years ago, after the eruptions of Teide gave rise to the surrounding mountains. From that moment on, this part of the island has only hosted the small village of approximately 100 inhabitants. The isolation of the place has allowed to preserve its culture and nature; It is by this series of situations that we can visit the island as if we were the Aborigines canaries.



Since the years 70, however, it opens a path that allows tourists to reach the country and experience nature with respect and admiration. This road can be walked, walking (or rather, a routine!) 3 hours, but what you expect at the end is committed to pay any effort.

Trekking Tenerife-Masca

Masca is located about 600 meters above sea level and is located west of the mountains of Teno, taking into account the area, to get to it is advisable to follow some tips:

  • Tour Bus in Tenerife
    There are many on the island to arrange tourist excursions. If you don’t have much time and prefer comfort, one of these tours will be for you.
  • Rental car
    If you have the opportunity to rent a car, you can reach the Giants and then continue by taxi or bus to the beginning of the trekking route.
    Of course, it is also possible to take only one taxi, but it could be much more
  • Boat Trip in Tenerife
    They are not as common as those on the bus, but surely getting to Masca by boat is very impressive.

In addition to the scenery and nature, once you arrive you can relax on a small beach with a wonderful view of the Giants.

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Masca: What You don’t know

The location of the city lends itself to numerous activities, for example, one of the best surfing spots in Tenerife but not only. Not many people know, but the Munch is perfect for hiking, biking and climbing.

Obviously, not only this, the people emanate culture wherever they look. In this country it is possible to know more about the Guanchi or the native inhabitants of the place.
The current inhabitants, of course, propose the country not as a tourist destination, but as a kind of “sanctuary” where nature, tradition and culture reign.
The inhabitants of Masca are not only very religious, but they also live spirituality through witchcraft. The magical rites with cattle and the propitiatory celebrations are still widely used and are part of the local life.

It is probably one of the most interesting places on the island of Tenerife. Why don’t you stay in a Nest hostel and don’t get into a hiking adventure? Chew Wait!