El Teide-Tenerife

Teide(Tenerife, Canary Islands) is but above all it was one of the most important heights in the world. Indeed, during the period of European expansion, this mountain represented a landmark for all sailors moving southward. At that time, Teide was considered the highest mountain in the world. Even if we know today that this is not the case, its cultural and landscape values do not fail.

This volcano occupies the third place in the world by height and volume, but this is only because during the formation of the Wall fountain-volcano gave way, giving life to the “Caldera de Las cañadas”. If it had not happened, the volcanic edifice would have been much more impressive!

Vucano Teide

Teide Volcano

Given its height, the activity of Teide has been very bland in the last 20.000 years; Instead, the lower peaks were the ones that produced most of the eruptions during this period.

The legend of the volcano of Tenerife

This explanation, however, has no comparison with that of the natives of Tenerife, a story of demons, Underworld and the most powerful.
It is said that Guayota, evil demon, dressed in the volcano, which is called Echeyde or hell. Guayota would have kidnapped the god Magec, God of the sun and the light.
For this, he would have been confined in the underworld by Achamán, a supreme god begged by the people of the island to recover the sun.
And so it was that “closed” the activity of Teide, it is said that the clearest stone ring seen on the top is only the stop placed by Achamán.

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Trekking Tenerife: Climbing the Teide

The upper part of Teide offers a really invaluable panorama. We talk about a rise of 3718 meters, but it’s worth it.
The most daring can of White Mountain and deal with all the march of 6 hours, or else, you can take the funicular up near the top and then choose the route that best suits your own experience.
At the top station of the funicular, there are three options:

  • Itinerary to the crater of Teide
    For those at all costs they want to reach the top! From the top you can see the other islands of the archipelago and a breathtaking view.
    To avoid overcrowding, it is necessary to obtain special permission-it is not particularly difficult, but you have to be lucky to find availability.
    Permission may also be needed online.
  • Fortaleza’s Belvedere Route
    It allows you to reach an important observatory to observe the north of the island.
    From here you can see all the beauty of nature!
  • Itinerary of Belvedere “Pico Viejo”
    This viewpoint allows us to appreciate the south of the island, but especially to see in all its beauty Caldera of the Cañadas del Teide.
    You can also see other volcanic craters such as Pico Viejo and the twins.

Before you leave, it is important that you equip yourself properly. Be sure to use good walking shoes, trekking canes, lots of water and heavy clothing.
Especially if you go all over the mountain, the temperature difference between the base and the top can be awesome!

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