Excursions with children in Tenerife-fun for the whole family

Tenerife is the perfect island to have fun with the whole family. Some of the excursions that are proposed classically can be very tiring, but fortunately there are alternatives that make it possible for even the little ones to join the fun.

Escursioni with Bambini to Tenerife

For example, many trips are organized by bus and depart only a few kilometres to cover them on foot. Other routes are simply short and easy to travel. Obviously, when it comes to children, there is nothing to take for granted, so it is always better to know precisely what routes to choose from.

First of all, if you are traveling with children, it is important to know what to put in your backpack:

  • Sunscreen
    Even if it is not too hot in Tenerife, the sun is always present. If you walk a lot, especially in the park of Teide (almost deserted), you risk burning!
  • Lots of water
    Unfortunately, if you walk for more than a few hours, it can be hard to fill your own bottle. It’s better to start preparing!
  • Bathing suit
    It goes without saying that, wherever you go, sooner or later you’ll be on the beach! Why not be prepared?

Excursions with children in Tenerife. Which ones to choose?

Well, it will sound strange, but a visit to Teide cannot fail! Maybe bringing children to a volcano almost 3800m high may not sound good, but with some tricks everything is possible.
When you get to the base of the volcano you can take a cable car. This will be very close to the summit (which can be continued on foot and with a special permit).
To ensure that children will enjoy their stay you can go up with the funicular and get off, we talk about an hour and a half walk, the road is a bit steep, but overall possible also by the kids!

If you don’t want to climb the volcano, Teide Park offers a lot of trekking trails. Some of only 2 or 3 km and many others, almost all are still on the plains.

There are also countless possible excursions in the mountains, one of them is a visit to munch. In many places it is possible to get very close by bus and then continue on foot to your destination.

If you’re looking for something quieter, your park will be the right choice! This great park offers fun all day long for both adults and children.