Cheap excursions to Tenerife: how to choose

With tourism, many possibilities have been created to carry out economic excursions to Tenerife. Although the island is not huge, there is so much to see! And with a little cunning, you can do it all without spending a fortune!

Escursioni Economiche to Tenerife

Many of Tenerife’s attractions are accessible by bus, but they are often uncomfortable, slow and especially contraindicated if you want to move long distances (especially between North and south).

To better enjoy your excursions to Tenerife, you must plan in advance the modes of transportation, the places to visit day by day and possibly request permits or book guided tours. Access to places of interest is not always discounted.

Cheap excursions to Tenerife-organized excursions

You can explore the whole island through the. Often, especially if you don’t have much time available, these tours are the best choice.
The price can vary a lot, it is part of 25/30 € for a simple excursion by bus or boat, while you can reach about €100 when it comes to full day excursions. Obviously these prices refer to tours without any kind of luxury!

In any case, the best option for an economic excursion, if you have the opportunity, is to embark on an adventure on your own. Places like the Teide volcano, munch or black sands can be visited without a guide. It must, however, be informed about what and what not to do, despite what it seems, the island offers a rather difficult experience, just think of the fact that at the top of the volcano is very difficult to breathe.

Economic excursions to Tenerife: key points

Summarizing in key points:

  • If you don’t have much time to make guided tours
    They don’t cost much and allow you to see much of the island.
  • If possible, do trekking on your own.
    Many of the amenities will be lost, but you can explore as you prefer.
  • Ask about the attractions to visit and the precautions
    Some places have restrictions (sometimes, they need reservations, they have a maximum limit of people, etc.). To better enjoy the island book online, all the visits you want to do.

As a last resort, check the prices of different companies on the Internet. It is often possible to save a lot by simply choosing the right company and booking online!