Beaches of the north of Tenerife: Beauty and tranquility

The beaches of the north of Tenerife, when we talk about them, we must bear in mind that we are on an island, an island of considerable size. One of the advantages of this is that not only are there many beaches, but they are also very different from each other.

Beaches of the north of Tenerife

Beaches of the north of Tenerife

The beaches of Tenerife differ in many things:

  • Type of sand
  • Type of bathers
  • Type of environment

These differences are a determining factor in finding the beach for you, for your friends or for your family!

Although the beaches of the South are particularly popular, this does not mean that they are more beautiful than the rest of the island. In fact, among the best beaches in Tenerife, we find many beauty in the north, quiet, unpopulated and spectacular. But why not? Also beaches that provide a festive atmosphere without being extremely touristy.

Which beach of Tenerife North choose?

The choice of the beaches of the north of Tenerife depends on the personal tastes. Each beach has something to offer, something different from any other beach on the island, so it is advisable to visit as much as possible!

The truth is that you can not fall in love with a beach without really trying. But you can find out what you will find in the best beaches in Tenerife:

  • Playa de las Teresitas
    It’s a lovely artificial beach. The sand comes directly from the Sahara desert, granted by the King of Morocco to the city of Santa Cruz.
    The beach is extremely spacious, the waters crystal clear and the location stunning.
    It is a very crowded beach, so you will have all the comfort possible. It is located near the town of San Andrés where, among other things, it is possible to eat excellent fish at reasonable prices.
  • Benijo Beach
    This beach is for the most adventurous: typical black sand accompanied by pebbles; Crystalline waters and tranquility typical of a hidden beach.
    Appreciated by the locals, this beach is within walking distance of the Anaga National Park.
    Important clarification: Here the bathing suit is optional!
  • Natural pools of Garachico
    Sometimes a volcanic eruption causes damage, sometimes it offers wonderful natural pools.
    Located in the tranquil village of Garachico, these natural volcanic pools are the perfect solution for a relaxing weekend.
    They are not frequented by tourists and are within walking distance of a picturesque village with all the amenities.
    A treasure only for Canaries (or almost).

This is just a sample of the treasures the island has to offer. If you don’t believe it, come and see. We’re waiting for you!