What you should know: accommodation in Tenerife

Tenerife is a magnificent island, full of life, culture and activity! To live better, however, it is important to know what to expect from the accommodations in Tenerife.

Here Tenerife

Accommodation Tenerife

Unfortunately, living in a “touristy” place allows you to see only what they want to show you, this is bad! But a smart and prepared tourist knows that with some research and choosing the right accommodation in Tenerife for your needs, making a dream vacation is very easy.

There are many solutions to spend time on the island, but each of them is the right one if you are looking for that kind of experience. If you are a “penniless” student, spending a holiday in a 5-star hotel can be relaxing, but you wouldn’t enjoy and enjoy the adventure!

Accommodation in Tenerife-how to choose?

First of all, regardless of the type of accommodation, you should see what you are looking for. If we are talking about a long vacation (say more than a week), we may want to choose accommodation in the village, so we have all the services within walking distance. Living near the beach may seem comfortable, but if you have to walk a few miles every time you have to buy something, you change your mind quickly! In the same way, if you are only a few days away and plan to eat in restaurants or pack, the accommodation near the attractions of the area where you will be staying will be the ideal solution.

It is important to ask about the city where you will be staying before you go, and avoid a city just because you have the cheapest accommodation. It is true that Tenerife has something to offer in every corner, but if you want to have fun and stay in a mountain village, you are in the wrong place!

What type of accommodation do you choose in Tenerife?

There is no golden rule, but in principle you can choose 3 different categories of accommodation:

  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Apartment

A hostel lends itself to travel with friends or alone, where it does not need a particular luxury, but wants to meet people of the world and have fun in a carefree way. This doesn’t mean you live in a barn! Many hostels have spectacular terraces, wonderful views and all kinds of amenities. Obviously at a low price.

The hotels, on the other hand, are a place of luxury, tranquility and relaxation. In Tenerife, hotels in the city or on the beach can be extremely expensive, but the quality is particularly high. This type of accommodation is especially recommended for couples who want to relax and fully enjoy the island, regardless of the money.

The apartments are a crossroads between the two solutions. Suitable to live with some friends or with your partner, are the right solution for a long stay, but with the intimacy of a room and without common areas!

Obviously there are solutions like camping or camping, but they only lend themselves to special cases, but this should not be excluded as accommodation in Tenerife.